Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Lawsuit from European University

Finally a place where I can tell what I want without getting sued.

Earlier I published the following statement in my pages about the school I studied at.

“European University
We have cancelled all of our connections with this ‘educational institution’ for a number of reasons. Mostly because we have learned that the focus of the school is earning money for the president, instead of educating the students. Paying €15,000 for this school is a waste of money.

So those of you who wish to study in a more serious school can have a look at our other partners.

Sorry for any inconvenience.”

This of course lead to a number of threats from the school...

First the (*) of an owner called me pretending to be a student looking for studying in Spain. I easily heard that it was Mr. Dirk Crane and asked what he wanted... I don't remember exactly but he was going to sue me for €50 000... Everything in BOLD of course...

Got this from a "lawyer"
In view of this situation, we demand that you remove the information posted within 24 hours. Lastly, we demand an initial compensation for damages of 30,000 euros for the cancelled registration. In addition, the company and its President reserve the right to bring all such legal action as may be required to demand compensation for all the damages that may be caused by this information.

- Finaly I got through to some I thought...

So I published this
“July 7th. Woke up this morning with a threat of a lawsuit from European University. I am terribly sorry that my opinions about how the school is run and my experience from the school have caused inconvenience for those of you that are pursuing higher education. I have removed all comments about European University from our page. "

And got a new email.
We inform you that Mr Craen has decided to start legal actions concerning the information appeared about himself and he demands a compensation for damages of 100.000 euros immediately.

- Of course he probably needed a new car...

So we sent back
"Reference is made to your e-mail of 7 July 2005.

Without prejudice, we have now removed the statement from our webside. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. However, as our main purpose is to guide students to higher education, we believe that experience from former students is one of the best sources of getting information about the the institutions. With respect to the alleged claim for damages, our lawyer has advised that the statement is considered to be an opinion that is within the freedom of speach, cf article 10 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. Hence, we cannot see that there is any legal basis for the alleged compensation claim."

Meanwhile the Norwegian government has stopped all funding to this school. Although the school is activly recruiting in Norway I hope that the won't trick anyone to start there.

"European University is one of the world's op business schools recognized for the excellence of its students and its faculty. EU offers tommorrow's leaders effective solutions in a professional environment".
- The professors quite becuase they didn't get paid.
- The school accepts anyone which are willing to pay.
- It has no recognition what so ever... I Norway it has the worst reputation.

EU is the main reason why I started uniabroad, to help people avoid the same experience that I had.

And watch out- there are more schools like this out there...


Blogger Avenger said...

The European University in Barcelona no longer has a licence to teach higher education courses:

The following is a link to the Official Bulletin of the Autonomous Government of Catalunya in which reference is made to the fact that the European University has had its licence to teach BBA and MBA courses revoked:


Here is a translation of what it says:

IUE/105/2007, dated 30 March, in which the authorisation granted to the European University to conduct various study courses is revoked.
The Resolution dated 5 April 1993 (DOGC no. 1797, dated 26.4.1993) stated that the European University was authorised to conduct various study courses, amongst which were the titles of Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration, in accordance with that contained within Article 19 of the Royal decree 557/1991, dated 12 April, regarding the creation and recognition of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education.
This authorisation allowed the European University to conduct courses leading up to the acquisition of university degree titles which were not recognised as equivalent to official university degree titles issued by institutions of the educational system of the State of Spain, in accordance with an agreement made with the Swiss university institution the European University de Montreux.
Given the fact that it has been noted that the aforementioned studies do not enjoy official recognition within the Confédération Helvétique and, accordingly, do not fulfil the requirements of the Royal decree 557/1991, dated 12 April, regarding the creation and recognition of Universities and foreign institutions, with prior notice and in accordance with Article 113.1 of the Law 1/2003, dated 19 February, of the Universities of Catalunya and as proposed by the General Director of Universities,
I hereby order:
Article 1
that the authorisation given to the European University to conduct study courses leading up to the acquisition of the titles of Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration be revoked.
Article 2
that the Centre has the obligation to store all academic reports of those students who may have finished their studies at the premises of the subject of this Order for a period of 5 (five) years, after which they are to be returned to those interested parties.
Article 3
this Order will become legally valid and binding the day after its publication in the Diari Oficial de la Generalitat de Catalunya (Official Bulletin of the Catalan region autonomous Government)
Barcelona, 30 March 2007
Josep Huguet i Biosca
Minister of Innovation, Universities and Business (of the Autonomous Government of Catalunya)

7:47 AM

Blogger Chris said...

Great stuff! Thank you very much for this information, I was just about to collect some information about this school, but I think, this might not be necessary anymore.

Thanks for helping me avoiding a big mistake! :)

Cheers, Chris from Germany

6:05 AM

Blogger Chris said...

But one question: Do you have any recommendations to some universities which are doing better? Preferably in Spain?

Thanks for that!

6:06 AM

Blogger Next Big Thing said...


I just got accepted into european uni of barcelona, and also into University of Cantebury in nz. Is it really so bad in barcelona? Tuition fees in nz are way higher what comes to barcelona, but do you recommend to spend a couple of extra dollars to get a better education? all in all what is your take on this?

1:44 AM


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